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In the Riding
July 16, 2014 - Today it was my pleasure to sit down and discuss concerns with constituents in the riding.

On the Issues
July 1, 2014 -  Canadian families deserve greater freedom to make their own choices as they continue to contribute to their own welfare and to the welfare of our country. 

Press Release
July 23, 2014 - Law-abiding owners of CZ 858 or Swiss Arms family of rifles are now able to fully use their property.

Monthly Column
July 4, 2014 - Alberta and the rest of Canada receive major economic benefits from our gas and oil industry.

July 10, 2014 - It is important that Canadian families have confidence in the medicine we and our children use. 

Government of Canada News

Minister Fast Highlights Benefits to P.E.I. of Canada's Pro-trade Plan
Connecting Canadian businesses to international markets boosts exports and creates jobs and opportunities

Minister MacKay Holds Roundtable in Edmonton to Discuss Criminal Justice Legislation
Today, Minister of Justice Peter MacKay met with victims, justice system advocates and members of the legal community to discuss several recent measures taken by the Federal Government to keep Canada's streets and communities safe.

Federal Victims Strategy and Victims Fund
The Federal Victims Strategy was created in 2007 and made permanent in 2011. The objective of the Strategy, which is led by the Department of Justice Canada, is to give victims a more effective voice in the criminal justice system. The Department of Justice works in close collaboration with other federal institutions, as well as victims, victim advocates, provincial and territorial governments, service providers, and others involved in the criminal justice system. The Department of Justice develops policy and criminal law reform, funds various programs to meet the needs of victims of crime, explores best practices to address victims' needs, and raises awareness about the concerns of victims of crime and their role in the criminal justice system.

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